Asian Weapons 2 (AW2, RP 142)

Prerequisites for Attendance: Combat Proctoring (CP, RP 111) and one of Medieval Weapons 1 – Historical Basics (MW1, RP 131)Medieval Weapons 2 – Medieval Swords and Specialty Weapons (MW2, RP 132),Medieval Weapons 3 – Arms and Armor (MW3, RP 133) recommended, but not required.
Meets Requirements for: Sage Elective (3 Required)
Required Course Material: None
Description: In conjunction with our Weapons Series, Loreil Academy is proud to present this two-part series on Asian Weapons. The possibilities for weapons are as infinite as the choices of armor, yet rarely do we see an exotic variety of weapons used in combat. It is our hope that by offering classes such as this, we will help enlighten as to the broad spectrum of offensive and defensive weapons available.The second course in the series continues the study of Japanese weapons and includes an overview of weapons from India, Korea and the Philippines. The Loreil Compendium of Asian Weapons will be provided to the students upon completion of the two-course Asian Weapons series.