Combat Proctoring (CP, RP 111)

Prerequisites for Attendance: None
Meets Requirements for: Scholar Core (5 Required)
Required Course Material: None
Description: Covers basic proctoring techniques most widely used in Rhydin, including terms and conditions, things to watch for in combat, scoring and round accounting and combat termination. Also covers aspects of combat that may make the outcome open to question.This course is supplemented by the Academy textbook entitled “Academy Proctoring Manual.” This manual is a compendium of the knowledge and tactics obtained and employed by the Wardens throughout the years. This textbook is distributed upon completion of the course and accompanying exam.

This course was formerly Basic Combat Proctoring and Advanced Combat Proctoring.  Since merging the two, those who have completed both old courses have credit for the new.  Those who only completed one must complete this course to receive the same credit.