Matrix-Based Combat (MBC, RP 112)

Prerequisites for Attendance: Combat Proctoring (CP, RP 111) recommended but not required.
Meets Requirements for: Sage Elective (3 Required)
Required Course Material: None
Description: We are proud to bring back a taste of “Old Rhydin” with the re-introduction of this once-popular combat system. Based on the old “Duel of Swords” model, matrix-based combat is the epitome of accuracy for a one-on-one duel between two characters. It combines psychology, shrewdness, give-and-take roleplay, and just a little bit of luck. Students will learn the basics of the matrix system, the rules of engagement, and the ebb-and-flow of cooperative roleplaying. Also, attendees will learn the basics of being a “Caller” — the important third-party who serves as the duel referee.

This course is delivered out of character.