Medieval Weapons 2 – Medieval Swords and Specialty Weapons (MW2, RP 132)

Prerequisites for Attendance: Combat Proctoring (CP, RP 111) and Medieval Weapons 1 – Historical Basics (MW1, RP 131) recommended, but not required.
Meets Requirements for: Sage Core (11 Required)
Required Course Material: None
Description: This is the second in a series of classes to be held on medieval weapons, armor and swordsmanship. The class will begin with an OOC historical overview of medieval weaponry in the light of what we know today, and will touch on metallurgy. Specialty weapons such as axes, hammers, trajectory weapons and pole arms will also be addressed. A compendium of terminology will be provided with class, as well as portals for viewing samples of swords and daggers. A quiz will be given. A visit to the Weapons Gallery prior to attending the lecture is recommended.