Command 2 – On Command (COM2, RP 312)

Prerequisites for Attendance: Command 1 – The Twelve Pillars (COM1, RP 311) is strongly recommended, but not required.
Meets Requirements for: Sage Core (11 Required)
Required Course Material: None
Description: This three-part course covers the essential personal traits of a highly effective commander, and the required elements for building and maintaining a truly outstanding military organization. This course is intended for those carrying senior command ranks (or those being considered for promotion to that rank). It is also highly relevant to executive government officials, and those who are planning on establishing their own nation-state. However, course attendance is open to all Loreil Academy students.In the second session of our Command Series, we will present “On Command”, the seven-step method to assure success for any organization, from infancy to maturity. The commander will learn the science behind “the art of differentiation”, the hidden power of “shared vision”, proven recruiting techniques, and how to build a truly outstanding organization with a surprisingly small investment of time … and no stress!

Students who complete the first two courses in the series will receive the textbook called “The Commander’s Companion”, personally written by former Warden Captain Michael Prometheus Damascus as a summary and extrapolation of concepts and theories discussed in lecture.