Logical Magic (LM, RP 500)

Prerequisites for Attendance: Character Development (CD, RP 200) strongly recommended, but not required.
Meets Requirements for: Sage Major (1 Required)
Required Course Material: None
Description: A course in Rhydin Magic. Applicable to Necromancy, Black Magic, White Magic, Earth Magic (Elemental), Sympathetic Magic (Voodoo), Healing Magic and most other forms with specific reference to Mystical combat situations as well as advancing story lines. Where does magic come from? How is it used? Where does the practitioner draw the power from and how? This course helps to define that line between a Mage and a God. This is not a course in how to conjure a rabbit from a hat, as much as a course in how to be bought into when you use whatever form is your choice to conjure said rabbit.

This course is delivered out of character.