Capstone for Mystical Arts (MAS5, RP 599)

Prerequisites for Attendance: Successful Completion of Each Course in the 500s Series, with confirmation from the Loreil Academy Chancellor
Meets Requirements for: Master of Mystical Arts (Final Course)
Description: This course summarizes the material learned in the previous 500-level courses. As with all Capstone (RP X99) courses, a capstone project shall be assigned in lieu of a quiz, which the student will have seven (7) days to complete after the course is complete.

The project is as follows:
In this project you are to use all knowledge you have gained to this point, from within and without the walls of Loreil Academy. Depending upon the style of magic you use, or whether you do not even possess such abilities, choose the appropriate project from the below two.

  • For those who study magic from texts and codified spells, and also those who are not magic users, produce a repertoire of three (3) spells for inclusion in your occult library. Also demonstrate your ability, or how one with such abilities would, to use such by including a recording of your casting of each spell.
  • Channelers do not cast spells from study and memory, but draw from the energy in their surroundings. Your mission is to perform three (3) mystical acts, using the ambient flows surrounding you. Draw upon, and focus that energy to your desired goals.