Master of the Mystical Arts

Master of the Mystical Arts


To be certified as a Master of the Mystical Arts, five hours of coursework are required.

Upon completion of these four courses, one must then petition the Academy Chancellor to be invited to sit for the final course: Capstone for Mystical Arts (MAS5, RP 599).

It is in this final course where needed segments of the previous coursework shall be reviewed and all supplementary materials from these courses will be again provided to the student; as the goal of this final hour is to merely give the degree-seeking candidate all the information they will require to complete their Capstone Project.

This project is given in lieu of the usual quiz for a course and due to its expanded requirements, the degree-seeking candidate has seven (7) days to complete the project.  Completed projects are submitted to the Sovereign, Warden Captain, Academy Chancellor, and Deputy Chancellor.  It is most likely the case that this course’s instructor shall be one of the four above individuals.  Should 2 or more of the above individuals grade the project with an unsatisfactory mark (the grading period is also one week); then it shall be returned to the candidate for additional materials.  Should the second version of the project again be graded unsatisfactory at least twice, it will be returned for one final edit.  A thrice failed project shall require repetition of the capstone course before trying once more.

Upon 3 of 4 satisfactory marks granted to the project, the candidate is granted the title of Loreil Master of the Combative Arts, with all the rights and privileges therein implied.

Masters of the Mystical Arts

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